Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

Who does Jesus love?

Jesus loves EVERYONE!! 

Who needs to know that Jesus loves them?  EVERYONE!  This week your preschooler will learn how important it is to tell others that Jesus loves them.

When Jesus was here on Earth he spent a lot of time with just a few friends.  It started with Simon Peter and Andrew (Matthew 4:18-22).  They were his first friends.  Those friends and followers multiplied.  Jesus knew that He had limited time, so he taught His friends to tell other people about His love.  He relied on the help of his friends, the disciples, to carry on His work.  We see this in the “Great Commission” in Matthew 28:16-20.  Jesus had risen from the tomb and He told His disciples what He wanted them to do.  It was simple.  He wanted them to get out and tell the world all about His love.  That command is relevant for us today, at any age!

Create a Rhythm with your preschooler by telling someone about Jesus’ love together.  It can be family, friends or strangers.  It can be someone who already knows Jesus.  They still may need to hear about His love!  Start practicing now so that it becomes something they do all the time!

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

Conviction – standing for what is right even when others don’t

We continue to learn about Daniel and how he did what was right despite what people thought of him.  This time Daniel has been once again promoted and there are jealous guys that want to kill him.  They craft a law that says only the King can be petitioned for 30 days.  They knew that Daniel would continue to ask the Lord for what He needed (Daniel 6).

Daniel is thrown into the Lion’s den because He did what is right (2 Thessalonians 3:13).  He worshipped God when it wasn’t popular, and even when there were dire consequences.  His obedience allowed God to do something miraculous!  An angel was sent to save Daniel, and not only did he live, but King Darius declared that all would worship God!

Imagine the End with your student.  What could God do in your lives if you choose to stand for what is right?  Who might come to know Him?  How might you and your family be delivered?  How could you change the world, simply because you chose to live by conviction?  Challenge each other to make the wise choice and see what God can do!

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Why did Jesus die?

This is question we’ll discuss with your student this week.  There isn’t just one answer.  This week, the Bottom Line is, Jesus died because He shook things up!

Jesus was not the Messiah that most Jews, especially religious leaders, had hoped for.  He was not a warrior that was going to lead them into battle to defeat the Romans.  In fact, He told them to love their enemies and pray for the ones who were persecuting them.  He loved the people that society had written off.  He hated religion.  Jesus was completely opposite what they thought He should be.  When He flipped over tables in the temple (John 2:13-35), He really shook things up.

When we make the right choice and serve God, we might shake things up too.  Loving the people around us, standing up for someone who is being picked on and loving our enemies rather than hating them are all things that will shake up the world around us.  There will be people who don’t agree with those choices.  There will be people who get angry.

Imagine the End with your student by discussing choices that may shake things up.  Jesus changes everything in our world.  How will you help change things with the choices you make?