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Preschool (2yrs-PreK)

We will continue learning this week to…


Our lesson comes from the story of Saul.  Saul, if you aren’t familiar, became Paul.   Paul became one of the greatest teachers and encouragers to the church of all time.  But he started out hating all things Jesus, including the people who had chosen to follow Him.

As soon as God got a hold of him, Saul was TRANSFORMED into Paul.  Same body, same mind, but a totally new heart.  As soon as he got that new heart, he started loving God, Jesus, and people in a whole new way!

Create a rhythm this week with your preschooler by asking them what they can do to show people they love them.  Things like hugging instead of hitting, sharing instead of being selfish, and being kind instead of being mean.  Start by hugging your child and telling them how much you love them!  One of the greatest ways to love God is by loving the people He created.

Elementary (K-3rd Grade)

 Rebellion.  It starts young and can destroy lives if not overcome. 

I know we can all understand the idea of a child rebelling against authority.  I know we can all recall at least one rebellious moment as an adult.  This week your student is learning the story of Absalom in 2 Samuel 15:1-16 and chapter 18.  Absalom thought he would make a better king, and acts out in rebellion to prove it.  It ends in disaster.

Can you relate?  Think back to a time when you didn’t honor the authority in your life.  How did that work out?  David tried to protect his son, just as we try to protect our children and our Father tries to protect us.  But we all have to choose to honor those who are over you.  We all have to choose to Honor others more than ourselves.  If our children choose rebellion, there is only so much we can do.  If we choose rebellion, there is only so much our heavenly Father can do.


Help your student this week by Making It Personal.  Talk about the times you have dishonored your authority and the consequences suffered because of your choice.  Ask your student to reflect on their choices and encourage each other to choose HONOR.

Club 45 (4-5th grade)

Once Upon a Parable: Jesus and the Kingdom

Too many times we attempt to explain God through our circumstances.  Too many times we expect God to act the way we would, or the way we have seen others act.  This week your student is learning that God’s way is different.

If you don’t know the story of the prodigal son, he was a parent’s worst nightmare.  All he wanted was money and when he got it, he blew it.  He left his family and ended up slopping with pigs. Exactly where we all dream our children will end up, right?  That wasn’t the end of his story though!!!!  He came home.  When he did, his father was there to meet him with open arms.

We all blow it.  We all make mistakes.  Big ones sometimes.  But God is bigger!  His Kingdom is one of open hands of love and forgiveness.  He doesn’t hold a grudge and because of Jesus we don’t get what we deserve!

Imagine the End this week with your student and respond the way God does.  Open, loving, and forgiving.  Over and over and over again.  No matter how bad they mess up.  Don’t talk about what they deserve because of their mistake.  Show them mercy because you have been shown mercy.  We can’t always eliminate natural circumstances, but our posture towards them should be just like the prodigal’s father. Watch God work in them through your grace.