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Preschool  (2yrs to PreK)

God loves everything about me!  Isn’t this a great truth?!?  This weekend we focus your preschooler on the scripture in Psalm 139: 13-15.  We want your preschooler to know they are Wonderfully Made and that makes them special to God.

Do you want your child to know how wonderfully made they are?  Try this…

This weekend Create a Rhythm by asking your preschooler this question over and over again.  “What does God love about you?”  Teach them to respond “God loves everything about me!”  Ask them as you’re driving to the grocery store, when you tuck them into bed, as you take a bath… spend the next

Elementary (K to 3rd grade)

Creativity is using your imagination to do something unique.

This weekend we focus your child on the story of Creation.  Genesis 1 holds a rich account of a Creator using His imagination to do something unique.  We want kids to know, “You were created, so you can be creative!” Scripture teaches us we are His workmanship.  And He created us to be creative.  To do good works on His behalf!  Another reason why we want kids to know, “I can trust God no matter what”.

This weekend Widen the Circle by inviting adults or students in your small group to share with your family how God creatively ‘wired’ them with skills and abilities and how God is using those skills to do His work.  Maybe they serve in the community, in the workplace &/or in the church exercising these skills.  Allow another adult to speak into your family telling the story of how God is using them to do good works.

Create a Rhythm by memorizing this month’s scripture together.  Ephesians 2:10 (NIV) “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

Club 45 (4th & 5th grade)

Why Should I Believe What the Bible Says?

This is a risky question that’s important to ask our 4th and 5th graders.  Our goal in Club 45 is to give your student a safe place to ask risky questions.  This week we’ll focus more in our small group setting and unpack some of the primary reasons we can trust the Bible is 100% true.

Fight for the Heart this weekend and spend some time in prayer.  Pray that God give your child a deep thirst for the Word.  That they learn to trust scripture as 100% Truth in their lives. That they live out Psalm 1:2-4.