Parent Connection – fpKIDS

Preschool (2 yrs to PreK)

God Can Help Me Do Anything! 
This is the Bottom Line truth we want your preschooler to know.  Why?  Because God is with us when we have hard things to do.  Even at a young age, your preschooler will learn that life isn’t always easy.  It’s never too early to know that God is always with us and will help us do what we need to do.  This weekend we focus on Exodus 5:1-6:8.  At this point in history, the Israelites had a hard job.  But God was with them to help them do everything they needed to do.

Imagine the End this weekend and picture your preschooler as a young adult.  How much do you hope your child depends on the Lord to accomplish the things He calls them to do?

Elementary (Kindergarten to 3rd grade)

Knowledge is discovering something new so you can be better at whatever you do.

In so many ways, our kids are growing in knowledge.  As school is well underway, we are getting into a rhythm of homework, quizzes and tests.  Education is a strong reality in your child’s life.  Understanding this rhythm, we want to remind kids that growing in knowledge is also important in our walk with Christ.  In fact, when we discover what God says, then we know how to follow Him.

This weekend we are diving into Luke 4:14-30 to see Jesus teaching in the synagogue.  Why?  Because when I discover what God says, I know how I should treat others.  The Basic Truth we will return to is “I should treat others the way I want to be treated”.

Create a Rhythm by reviewing the Memory Verse with your child.  “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.”  (Luke 2:52)  Remember, your child can earn a button simply by reciting this verse to their Small Group Leader!

Widen the Circle this weekend by introducing yourself to your child’s Small Group Leader.  Let them know how thankful you are they are speaking the same truths into your child’s life that you are teaching them at home.

Club 45 (4th & 5th grade)

We’re focusing your 4th & 5th grader on living our faith Inside Out!  This weekend we’ll dive into Psalm 42:1 & Psalm 63:1-5.  With all the things around us seeking our attention, it’s easy to seek our own satisfaction out of the friends we keep, the shows we watch or the games we play.  But the truth is… none of those things will satisfy.

But when we seek our fulfillment in the Lord it’s like surfing the perfect wave.  You’re living life to it’s fullest.  Nothing else satisfies you more than God.  Having stuff isn’t a big deal, because you know it won’t completely satisfy.  Being popular or good looking isn’t that important, because you are happy with the way God made you.  Catching the God wave means you’re living Inside Out!

Create a Rhythm this weekend and take some time to pray with your 4th or 5th grader.  Ask God to bless your child with the confidence to pursue you over the things around them that serve as a distraction.  Ask God to reveal to them how He is more satisfying than anything else.

Widen the Circle this month.  Take a moment each week when you pick up your Club 45er to talk with their Small Group Leader.  Ask the leader how you can pray for them this week.  This is another person investing and sewing into the heart of your child.  How can you lock arms with them for the benefit of your child?