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Preschool (2 yrs to PreK)

The Details…

Basic Truth: God loves me.
Key Question: Can you believe what God says?
Bottom Line: God does what He says He will do.
Memory Verse: “Trust the Lord with all your heart.” Proverbs 3:5, NCV
Bible Story Focus:  I should do what God says Ÿ Naamen Ÿ2 Kings 5:1-14


I find it amusing the home-remedies some will suggest when I’m suffering from something as common as a cold, a headache or sore throat.  Everyone has their favorite regimen that cures their ailments.  Some can be pretty off-the-wall.  It reminds me of the dad in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and his obsession with spraying everything with Windex!

This weekend we focus on the story of Naamen and use this to teach your preschooler that “I should do what God says”.  

So many times in our lives we seek the Lord for direction, guidance, solutions.  And yet when He gives us clear steps to take… we don’t take them!  Why?  Because they don’t make sense to us.  Like spraying Windex on a pimple.  J

But God sees things we can’t see.  And He knows things we don’t know.  And many times the steps He asks us to take have more to do with deepening our faith in Him than solving our problem.  Just like Naamen, when we do what God says we discover greater joy, healing and freedom than we expect. 

 Create a Rhythm using the story of Naamen this week with a fun Playtime Activity in your Small Talk.


Faith Skill #1: Navigate the Bible (survey and locate)

Bible Story: Read It Yourself (Paul, Silas, and the Bereans) • Acts 17:10-12

Bottom Line: You can read it for yourself. 

There are 5 Faith Skills we want to build into our kids as we lead them to love Christ with all that they have. 

  • Navigate the Bible
  • Personalize Scripture
  • Dialogue with God
  • Articulate Faith
  • Give to God

This weekend in elementary, we are focused on the first Faith Skill, Navigate the Bible.  It isn’t enough that our kids know of the Bible and have a few scriptures memorized.  Our kids need to know how to find their way around it.  As we unpack the story of Paul, Silas and the Bereans this weekend, our focus with your elementary child is simple… You Can Read It For Yourself!!

Create a Rhythm this weekend and tap into the power of quality moments together.  Sit down together and read the story of Paul, Silas and the Bereans in Acts 17 together.