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Preschool:  This week we continue to focus on the Basic Truth ‘God Loves Me’.  And He demonstrates His love by teaching me.  A Key Question to ask your Preschooler is, “Who will teach me?”  We want kids to know that in all things ‘God Will Teach Me!’.

Your preschooler will build a mini-version of Solomon’s Temple as we teach from his story in 1 Kings 5:1-6:38.  Solomon knew he was to build a temple for God and he did it.  A simple truth we want our preschoolers to know…

God wants me to do what He tells me

It all boils down to obedience.  A simple truth all parents want their preschooler to exercise.  J 

This weekend introduce this phrase into your conversations with your preschooler.  “God wants us to do what He tells us.”  How can we live that out more?  Make It Personal and allow God to search your heart revealing areas where you may not be fully in obedience to Him.  Seek His forgive, His restoration and His direction.  He is faithful to restore and renew when we submit these areas of our lives fully to Him.

Parents, our kids will learn how to obey God from our demonstration of obedience to Him.  Let me encourage and challenge you to step into the pain and allow God to transform your heart by renewing your mind.  God wants you to do what He tells you. 

Elementary:  Faith is trusting in what you can’t see because of what you can see. 

This weekend we follow Joseph’s story as he remained faithful through his crazy life circumstances.  The summary account in Hebrews 10:32-35 & 11:22 and historical account in Genesis 37:9; 39:2, 20-21; 41:39-40 is a demonstration of faith rarely seen in those around us.  Let me be honest.  I’d love to think that if my big brothers threw me into a pit for a week, pulled me out only to sell me into slavery where I’m falsely accused and thrown in jail… that I’d remain so faithful through that time. 

Take a few minutes this weekend and Imagine the End.  Picture your child walking through circumstances similar to Joseph’s.  How strong do you hope their faith is in that season?  How often do you hope they talk to God?  How much do you hope they seek His understanding & perspective?

Let’s focus our efforts on the things that will make a lasting impact.  This weekend when you sit down to dinner share your Faith Story with your child.  Share about an event where you stepped out in faith and/or how God showed up in a big way.