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Preschool (2 yrs to PreK)

A foundational truth we want all our preschoolers to know is… God Made Me

Through the month of May, we will explore the Creation story.  Here are the key highlights you’ll want to emphasize each week:

Basic Truth:  God Made Me
Key Question:  Who made everthing?
Bottom Line:  God Made Everything
Memory Verse:  “God created the heavens and the earth” Genesis 1:1 NIV

This week we focus on God’s final creation… People.  In Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7 & :20-23, we see how God carefully crafted us in a unique way.  What a great reminder of how much care the Father takes in us.  This is a foundational truth we want our preschooler to grasp… God Made Me. 

This is such a simple truth when they are 3 years old, but when they are 13 years old and wondering what they’re good at, Who will they turn to if they truly believe God Made Me?  Who do they seek guidance from? 

If we stop to consider how this applies to our own lives, it only makes sense that we would seek out the Creator for direction & guidance.  Why?  Because we were created for His purpose & His glory.  And so is your child.

**Grab your Small Talk this week for some Bath Time fun that will solidify this truth for your child.**

Elementary (K – 5th grade)

Prayer is simply talking to God

This week we take a break and focus in one a Faith Skill that is pivotal to a growing relationship with Christ.  Remember there are 5 Faith Skills we want to see our kids exercise in order to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Skill #1
Navigate the Bible:  survey & locate
Skill #2
Personalize Scripture:  memorize & apply
Skill #3
Dialogue with God:  public & private
Skill #4
Articulate Faith:  share & defend
Skill #5
Worship with your life:  praise & give

This week we’ll focus on skill #3: Dialogue with God.  We want to remind our kids they have an “All Access” pass when it comes to talking with God.  In Philippians 4:6-7 we are reminded…

You can talk to God about anything.

Take some time this weekend to remind your child that talking to God is just like talking to a friend.  We don’t have to have the right words, we just have to have a right heart.   Make a point to talk to God together.