Parent Connection: Children, August 7-8


Aug 7/8 Pre-weekend:

Each month, our preschool ministry focuses on one scripture verse. Each weekend, this verse is illustrated through engaging Bible stories and is repeated during our small group times. Preschool children love repetition, and adding hand motions helps in the memorization process.

You can give them a head start by doing this at home!

August Memory Verse : “God is with you wherever you go.”  -Joshua 1:9

God [Point up.]
Is with you [Clasp your hands together in front of you.]
Wherever you go! [Swoop arms above your head and in a wide circle down to your sides.]
Joshua 1:9 [Hold out hands like a book.]

Aug 7/8  Post-weekend:

Key Question:  Who is always with you?
Bottom Line: God is always with me.

The thought of God always being with us when we can’t see Him is hard for a  preschool child to understand. Introduce this truth to your child by taking a favorite stuffed animal with you wherever you go for a day, a week or even a month. Throughout the day tell your child that God is with her wherever she goes- kind of like her stuffed animal. When the time comes to put the stuffed animal back in the toy box, tell him you had fun, but God is the only one who can ALWAYS be with us.


Read together: Proverbs 17:14.

Share:  Do you know anyone good at living in peace with others?

Ask:  Who is the most peaceful person you know?