Parent Connection


September Scripture Verse: “Nothing can separate us from God’s love.” Romans 8:39

Basic Truth: God loves me.

Preschool Play Time: Take a nature walk and tell your child to look for five small stones, just like David did when he fought Goliath. When you get back home, lay the stones out and count them together. Talk about how God helped David because He loved Him even though he was scared. Set the rocks somewhere in your home where your child will see them often. Each time you pass by the rocks, look at them and say, “God loves me!”


Read:  James 3:9-12

Ask:  Name at least three things you can say to show respect to a leader (like a parent or a boss).  How about to a friend or co-worker?

Club 45:

“What if someone is weird?”

Double Dog Dare:  Jesus hung out with weird people. In fact, he was always getting in trouble with the Pharisees because they thought he needed to stop hanging out with weird people and start hanging out with them. I dare you to be more like Jesus this week. I dare you to hang out with weird people—get to know them and don’t judge by what you see from a distance. I dare you to try it out: Sit down next to that strange person in your class, and start a conversation. You may be surprised by what you find out!