Parent Connection


KNOW:  Jesus wants to be my friend forever.   
READ:    John 13:1-15 (NIrV) or “The Servant King” from the Jesus Storybook Bible
REMEMBER:  “Love each other as I have loved you”  John 15:12, NIV
SHARE:  “Who loves you?”  (Answer:  Jesus loves me.)
How we treat others is vitally important to God.  In fact, when your child reaches elementary a common phrase they will hear every week is, “Treat others they way you want to be treated.”  In this story in John 13 the disciples witness an unexpected act from Jesus.  You see, in that day the grossest part of your body was your feet.  Many might say it’s still the grossest part of your body!  But not nearly as gross as it used to be if you consider what life was like during Jesus lifetime.  Remember there were no paved roads.  There were no concrete sidewalks.  There were only dirty, dusty roads.  And don’t forget that people shared those roads with livestock.  Lots of livestock.  So you can only imagine what ends up between the toes after a long walk.  Eeew!  Most households had a servant whose only job was to wash people’s feet as they entered a home.  It was a low, debase job.  Which is why it was so shocking when Jesus dressed as a servant, bent down and washed the feet of His disciples.  This act was far beneath that of a Rabbi.  But Jesus will do whatever He has to do to care for us.  We may not always understand what He does.  But we can be sure that the heart of it is His love for us.  Remind your child of this truth throughout this week by asking, “Who loves you?”  Jesus Loves Me!

Create a Rhythm!  Watch for your Small Talk this week when you pick up your child.  There’s a fun Bath Time activity to retell this story and help your child understand more on their level.  If you need another copy, email [email protected] and we’ll email it to you!


KNOW:  KINDNESS is showing other they are valuable by how you treat them
READ:  Matthew 25:35-40
REMEMBER:  “Do to others as you want them to do to you.”  Luke 6:31, NIrV
SHARE:  Who do you know who needs kindness this week?  What can you GIVE to show them kindness?

Mother Theresa lived a life that exemplified these scriptures.  Every day of her life was filled with caring for those that could not care for themselves.  Caring for those others were unwilling to care for.  Her life is a demonstration of sacrifice.  Though God may not be asking us to move to a third world country to care for leprous individuals, He is asking us to make sacrifices for those that have less than us.  If you have a bed to sleep in and a car to drive then you rank in the top 5% of the wealthiest people in the world.  You may not ‘feel’ wealthy compared to the proverbial ‘Jones Family’ but you really are.  Talk to your kids this week about how you can give sacrificially.  How can you show KINDNESS and value someone that has less than you? 

Create a Rhythm!  Check out the God Time card this week for some great ways that you can show KINDNESS to those that have less than you.  Make a plan to serve together as a family and let your kids experience the blessing of sacrifice.  If you need another copy, email [email protected] and we’ll email it to you!