Parent Connection


KNOW:  Jesus wants to be my friend forever.   
READ:  Luke 24:13-17; 28-31  (NIrV)
REMEMBER:  “Love each other as I have loved you”  John 15:12, NIV
SHARE:  “Who loves you?”  (Answer:  Jesus loves me.)
Jesus wants to spend time with us.  In fact there are many places in scripture where Jesus demonstrates this truth.  He was very intentional with His time.  As you read the bible story in Luke 24 to your preschooler don’t miss the simple truth hidden in this walk to Emmaus.  As adults it’s easy to focus on the fact that these two men who knew Jesus & spent a lot of time with Him before His death did not recognize Him as the three men walked together.  An easily missed truth is that Jesus could have revealed Himself immediately.  But he didn’t.  Instead He spent (as some scholars note) nearly 7 hours walking and talking with His friends.  Jesus loves to spend time with us.  Why?  Because He loves us.  Make sure your preschooler knows that Jesus wants to spend time with them because He loves them.  Pepper this question into your week, “Who love you?”  Jesus loves me!

Create a Rhythm!  Grab your Small Talk when you pick up your child this weekend.  There’s a fun activity to capitalize on the quality time you have in the car with your preschooler and really emphasize this truth.  If you need another copy, email [email protected] and we’ll email it to you!


KNOW:  KINDNESS is showing other they are valuable by how you treat them
READ:  Mark 10:13-16
REMEMBER:  “Do to others as you want them to do to you.”  Luke 6:31, NIrV
SHARE:  Who do you know who needs kindness this week?  What can you DO to this person to show kindness?

As our kids progress through elementary school cliques become a reality of their world.  Groups of kids can become exclusive shunning others from their group because of how they dress, how they look or where they live.  Our deepest desires to be accepted can compromise our desire to love others equally.  In Mark 10:13-16 we see how Jesus was available to everyone.  There wasn’t anyone that He wouldn’t befriend.  Talk to your kids this week about how we treat others.  Share your own struggles with loving people that may not be easy to love.   Challenge each other to go out of your way to value someone you wouldn’t normally value.  Then share your stories with each other. 

Create a Rhythm!  Don’t miss the God Time card this week.  There are some valuable activities to really help your child put this KINDNESS thing into action.  If you need another copy email [email protected] and we’ll send you another one!