Parent Connection


Tonight we are going to look back over Fusion Weekend and remind ourselves of what God did in us during the weekend.  In large group students will discover some “daily steps” they can take to help make what God did stick in their lives: let go of where you mess up, let God lead, and get in the word.  If we want to keep growing in our walk with Him, these steps are critical.   

In their group time, students will get the chance to go back over some of the big issues we dealt with at Fusion, taming the tongue, faith vs. works, compassion, and staying pure.     

 Listed below are some questions that you can use to spark conversation with your students and connect with what we talked about this week:

  • If they went to Fusion, what is something that God did in your life during the weekend?
  • What is something that you realized needed to change in your life this week since the weekend?  How is it going with that?
  • What impact has messing up, had on you moving forward in your walk with Christ?  How does knowing that we are already forgiven help you to keep moving forward?
  • What does it mean to let God lead in our lives?  What things will the Holy Spirit lead us to? 
  • Why is it important to get into the word on a regular basis? 
  • How can these daily steps (letting go of where you mess up, letting God lead, and getting in the word) help you to keep moving forward in your walk with God?