Parent Connection


Series:  “I Love The 90’s”

Focus:  Evangelism

Family Discussion:

Start off by dropping in on the story of Jesus’ interaction with the woman at the well in Samaria.  If you have never read the story, read from the beginning of John chapter 4.

John 4:25-30 “The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.” Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”  Then, leaving her water jar, the woman went back to the town and said to the people, “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah?” They came out of the town and made their way toward him.”

One of the hardest things that we learn to do as humans is to share.  From birth we have to be taught how to do it!  And for high school students, the 1990’s were a season where they learned for the first time to share their things with others.  While this is a difficult process for many of us, when it comes to our relationship with Jesus it should be natural.  Just like the woman that Jesus met in the passage above, our relationship with Him is to be shared consistently throughout our lives.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Why do you think that sharing (evangelism) is necessary as a Christ-follower?
  2. Why could it be difficult to follow through on this step of discipleship?
  3. Who was the last person that you told your story to? (Have each family member answer(

The best way to ensure that we follow through in telling others about our relationship with Jesus is to be prepared to share our story.  Rarely will you come in contact with someone who will turn away from a personal story…which is the basis for evangelism in the first place!  It’s all about sharing your story of how Jesus saved and changed your life.  Take some time now to share your own story with each other, and pray that when the opportunities arise you will each be willing and open to share it with others.