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Series:  “I Love The 90’s”

Focus:  The Bible

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This week we will connect the dots between learning how to read and learning how to read the Bible.  One we learned a long time ago, but the other requires a bit of re-learning!  Most reading is done for information, but the Bible is meant to be read for transformation!  There are 3 steps that you can take to make this crucial switch in reading styles:  Observation, Interpretation, Application. 

Usually we stop at Observation…we read the words and then move on!  But to read the Bible we need to ask “why?” as well as “what?”  Then we can more clearly allow God’s Word to influence our life.  The reading guide below will help you as a family be more intentional about how you observe the Bible…which makes the interpretation easier and the application more effective.  Parents, you can even use this tool as a competition for your family… make it fun!

John 3 Reading Guide

As you read write down as many observations as you can about each verse. 
Start with the simple/obvious and ask the question, “What is the writer saying?”

January 13th – John 3:1-2

January 14th – John 3:3-4

January 15th – John 3:5-6

January 16th – John 3:7-8

January 17th – John 3:9-11

January 18th – John 3:12-15

January 19th – John 3:16-18

January 20th – John 3:19-21

January 21st – John 3:22-24

January 22nd – John 3:25-26

January 23rd – John 3:27-28

January 24th – John 3:29-30

January 25th – John 3:31-33

January 26th – John 3:34-36



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Cancelled due to weather