Paradise: Whatever It Takes

Whatever It Takes

1. Pastor Chris stated people ask him when are we going to stop growing, and he responded that he wants Christ to find us at work in the harvest field when He returns. Pastor asked who do we know that is in bondage? Who is captive? Who does not have a relationship with Christ? Who is on your list?

2. Pastor Chris stated we are blessed to be a blessing. How has God blessed you? How has God used you to be a blessing to others?

3. Pastor Chris distilled John 15 by saying God is at work in order to produce fruit. What fruit are you producing that others can see?

4. We all have a little root rot, even after we accept Christ as our savior. Where in your life do you have a little root rot?
What can you do to change? Who has God placed in your life to help you change?

Scripture verses:
Romans 3:23
John 15:8
Isaiah 61:1-3
Acts 1:8
Psalms 19:14