Our New Series, 500 Reasons, Begins This Weekend!

Wow Promisors,

What an incredible month February was in the life of Faith Promise! We kicked it off with another incredible Sunday Showdown! Then, we launched into This Is Group and started 83 new groups and connected 712 new people into community. We grow together and are getting in and getting on God’s New Rivers and New Roads.

Don’t miss out on something new God is doing in our disciple-making communities.

The world is not getting darker, believers are getting dimmer. But we refuse to dim! And fpStudents led the way in flipping the switch in Fusion 2018 – with over 1,000 students and leaders becoming brighter lights, resulting in 40 baptisms already.

And somehow, March is looking even brighter, as we move into an entire month of preparation for Easter at Faith Promise. Throughout this month, we will challenge Promisors with 500 Reasons to Get Others In and invite everyone they know or meet to join them for Easter weekend. I am praying for 20,000 people, 500 baptisms THAT weekend, and for God to continue doing something new in the lives of every Promisor.

Remember that whatever we face as a church, our first and only response is to love and serve and help real people with real problems find the real love of Jesus Christ.

Finally, let me challenge you to take your next step this month:

Get In the Water and acknowledge God publicly in baptism,

Get In the Word and begin a devotional time with the Lord in the Bible,

Get In the Weekend and begin making Faith Promise weekends a priority,

Get In A Group and join the disciple-making community,

Get In a Ministry and begin using your gifts to serve others,

Get In on Generosity and begin giving, tithing, or preparing for Heart for the

Harvest this fall,

or Get Others In by bringing people to Easter at Faith Promise.

No matter what’s your next step – you can do it! I pray for and believe in every Promisor. Let’s keep getting in and getting on His new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you and see you this weekend!