Open House Week 4 – Discussion Questions



Believers do not have to live their lives in continued bondage.


Was there ever a time in your life when you felt in bondage to someone, like being an indentured servant?


Many Christians are in bondage and have been for a long time; they just don’t realize it. It is the will of Jesus to set us free. So, how do we recognize whether or not we are in bondage? Look for three marks. The first is continued iniquity. John 8:31. Jesus spoke to some Jews who had believed in Him, but they were not listening to the message of His words. They said they didn’t need deliverance. The second mark of bondage is continued illness. Sometimes we call onto ourselves a spirit of infirmity. For example, if there is an illness that has run in the family for generations, we often say we will probably come down with it. Keep in mind that every sickness is not of Satan, and lack of healing does not imply a lack of faith. The third mark of bondage is continued influence. Mark 7:24-30 The Gentile woman was from Tyre, a seat of paganism which combined Judaism and the occult. Today we must be aware of other sources besides God’s truth which might be influencing us. Be aware of what you and your family listen to, watch and read. The Gentile woman was both humble and desperate as she approached Jesus to heal her daughter. We must have humility to recognize our need for deliverance from the bondage of sin.


Read John 8:31-36
1. To whom was Jesus speaking in verse 31?
2. In verse 34 what is Jesus saying about sin?
3. Being a slave to sin is being in bondage. V. 36 How can a believer be delivered from bondage? If you feel comfortable, can you share a time when Jesus delivered you from bondage?

Read Mark 7:24-30
4. v. 26 What did the Syrophenecian woman ask Jesus to do?
5. v. 27 Who is Jesus talking about when He says “the children”?
6. v. 28 Why does the woman call herself a “dog”?
7. v. 29 Why does Jesus decide to heal her daughter?
8. Have you ever been desperate like this woman and asked God for something? Is there something that the group can pray about with you?

Read Jeremiah 7:8-11
9. Read verses 8-10. What tone of voice do you think God is using in these verses?
10. v. 8-10 Why do the listeners think they are safe?
11. Have you ever felt or acted like your past behavior so justifies you that it does not matter what you do today?

Read Romans 6:16
12. This verse gives the believer a choice. Why would a Christian choose to be a slave to sin?


2. Sin becomes like a taskmaster or overseer. It begins to control us, making us its slave.
3. Let Jesus set you free, deliver the sinner from bondage.
5. He is talking about Jews, descendants of Abraham.
6. “Dog” refers to Gentile or to a lost person. See also Revelation 22:14-15.
7. Because she humbled herself and referred to Him as “Lord” (v 28), she had faith in His power to heal, and she had tenacity in asking.
9. Incredulous/sarcastic.
10. They have been trusting in worthless lies; they think because they are Jewish, they can get away with sin.
12. The sin may be familiar, comfortable or pleasurable. The believer may not see the damage that the sin is causing or how the sin is separating them from God.