Oh Snap!

(This post was written by Phil Bledsoe, Worship Technical Director)

When the cold air (and production season) came around last year I was working on some new mechanics for my drive. I’ve been throwing freestyle and not getting any better so I decided to tweak my mechanics. I didn’t get very far before the ‘season’ ended so I’ve gone out a couple times this week and tried to pick up where I left off. It’s not been pretty-especially for the disc I threw into a pond Saturday.

There are all kinds of windups and follow-throughs to a disc golf drive but, the more research I do, the more I find out that a good drive has nothing to do with huge sweeping motions, leg kicks, dramatic poses or well-placed grunts. It has to do with the final, small, well-timed snap of the wrist on the point at which I release my disc. Nothing else matters; well, I should say, nothing counts if I don’t have a good snap. This little snap has made me think about a lot of things in my life, specifically my faith.

Get ready for the parallel.

How many times do we go out of our way to tweak the mechanics in our lives hoping for a specific outcome? You may have a family member who is sick and you take that job for the medical benefits, you save money to hire the best doctor, you follow every prescription to the line. What if you want that new job? You get that haircut, buy the clothes, mingle with the right people and put yourself in a position to move up. What about the people in need across the street? You talk to them, tell your small group about them, send them bags of clothes every spring when you clean out your closet.

All of these are great mechanics. They set us up for the delivery, the snap. And in the snap is the release. When we’ve said all we can say and done all we can do is faith part of our snap? When we look back did we release it all and believe that God would do as he said? Do we even know what he said or do we try to do it all ourselves? Do we go through the motions, doing everything we possibly can to get the outcome we desire and forget about the snap? I know I do. For more than 6 years I’ve done everything I can to adjust my mechanics for one specific outcome. I’ve spent more time trying new approaches and seeking more advice than I have on my knees believing, by faith, that God will provide.

God can heal that sick family member, provide the job you need, deliver the people in need across the street. He is faithful. All our efforts are nothing without the snap-believing that God is faithful and leaning on him when we’ve done all that we can.

Please don’t get me wrong and get lazy. God provides for the sparrow but he doesn’t drop the worms in it’s nest (He could but that’s not too common). We need to be a people of action AND faith. I’m just sayin, some of us need to realize when there’s too much focus on the mechanics and not enough on the snap.

Think about that next time you throw a frisbee. Be great!