#nofilter week 2 – Discussion Questions


Beware of sacrificing what you want most in the future for what you want right now.


What is your favorite meal?


Genesis 25 tells the story of Jacob and Esau’s birth, as well as Esau trading his birthright to Jacob. Though many of us today won’t have the opportunity to trade millions of dollars of wealth for a bowl of beans, we all make impulsive decisions from time to time which keep us from living out God’s best plan for our lives. Let’s heed some warnings that Esau might give us in light of his mistake:

1. Beware of mistaking age for maturity.
2. Beware of unsatisfied appetites that become exaggerated emotions.
3. Beware of the temptation to give up what you want most for what you think you want right now.


Read Genesis 25:24-28
1. How were the brothers different?
2. What potential family drama do you see in verse 28?
3. Have you experienced favoritism in your family or work relationships?
4. How can we guard against favoritism in our families?

Read Genesis 25:29-34
5. According to verse 27, the boys were grown up at this point. What is the difference between age and maturity?
6. Growing older does not necessarily mean growing wiser. What steps can we take to grow in maturity and not just in years?
7. Notice verse 29. What was Esau’s state when he arrived at home?
8. Have you ever made a poor decision when you were tired and hungry?
9. Esau traded his birthright to fill his physical hunger, but other unsatisfied appetites can be just as dangerous. What other human appetites can get us in trouble?
10. Don’t be spiritually hungry! How can you fill up your tank so that you are not spiritually empty?

Read 1 Peter 1:3-4
11. Every believer has a birthright and inheritance. The devil can’t steal your birthright, but he can tempt you to give it away. How can this group help you to fight temptation?


4. It is natural to have more in common or get along better with some people than others, but we must guard against giving preferential treatment-especially among children.
5. Age is just a measure of the time that has passed; maturity indicates wisdom or experience.
6. Discuss spiritual growth plans. Does everyone in your group have one?
9. Appetites for affection, attention, power, etc.
10. Bible study, quiet time, spiritual disciplines like fasting, listening to sermons or worship music, praise, etc.
11. Your group may want to split into groups of men and women to discuss temptation. Some people find it helpful to have partners within the group to hold each other accountable.