New Year Question

Happy New Year!

As you begin this brand new year, I want to challenge you with one simple question.  One, tiny, miniscule, itty-bitty question…that can change the way you experience 2012.  Are you ready? Here it is:

What is your destination?

If you go on a road trip, you have an end in mind.  If you run a race, you are aware of the finish line.  If you enroll in college, you likely have a goal as to what you want to get out of it. This year, don’t miss out on the amazing things God can do in your life.  Achieving your potential can really be as simple as deciding what your destination will be.  Experience 2012 with the end in mind.  Set it now and place it on your dashboard like a GPS that will guide you to December 31, with  purpose and intention.

I’m praying that 2012 is an amazing year for you! God Bless!