New Series Begins this Weekend!


Dear FPC Family,

These past few weeks during our Four Cups series have been amazing! We’ve seen people saved, baptized, plugged into groups, and set free from the bondage of their past. During the series, not only did we experience a record non-holiday attendance of 6,950 people, but we also celebrated 500 baptisms so far this year. Praise God for working in a way that is beyond all we could ask or imagine!

This weekend begins our newest series on self-image and self-identity called #NoFilter. Whether we mean to or not, we compare our unfiltered lives to images of perfection paraded across our screens each day. The image we project is the image we protect. During this series, we’ll focus on the life of Jacob to discover the difference between who we pretend to be and who God says we really are.

You can see the series promo video and share it with your friends and family by going here.

As Summer nears and many of you will be traveling, please remember to watch online through our Internet Campus on Saturdays at 6:00 pm or Sundays at 9:00, 10:20, and 11:45 am as well as 9:00 pm.

Can’t wait to see how God will work in our lives through this series! All glory to our Savior and King!


Pastor Chris