New Family Room at Faith Promise

Families are going to enjoy the new Family Room at Faith Promise. The Family Room is an environment where families can participate in worship with their children, if they opt to not send them to the age appropriate fpKids experience. In case you are not familiar with the Family Room, it is located in the hall behind the worship center. The renovation of the family room provides an opportunity to review our prokids policy:

  • We provide age appropriate environments at each weekend service for children age’s birth through 5th grade. If parents would like information about fpKids they can go to the kiosk during any service for assistance.


  • The worship center is not an appropriate environment for children under 5th grade. Both from a content (the weekend services are not designed for children) and atmosphere prospective (the noise that children make is distracting to others in the worship service and can be heard on video for multi-site campuses).

We want the weekend experience to be impactful to both our adults and children. I hope all of our families using the family room will enjoy the improved area.