My Name Is Jonah


If you’ve ever read the book of Jonah in the Old Testament, you’ve been privileged to see just how dumb one guy can be. And by the way, I am often that guy.

OK, here’s the brief summary. Don’t worry, the life-altering application is coming in only 50 words. Jonah was a prophet in the OT who spoke on God’s behalf. God said go to Nineveh, Jonah ran the other direction. God had him swallowed by a fish, Jonah repented and obeyed. Then Nineveh repented and obeyed. Then Jonah lost his marbles and yelled at God to kill him. Simple, right?

I’d like to share two huge things I’ve learned in teaching through Jonah’s story at fpStudents over the last few weeks:

  1. God’s Authority Isn’t About Domination, It’s About Love. God loved Jonah, and Nineveh, and you! Jonah mistook His authority for domination and control. Nineveh understood that God wanted them to avoid destruction, hence the warning from Jonah. How about you? Do you see God as a control freak or a Father acting in love? What about your leadership? Do you lead, parent or live as if you must control others or do you reveal your love for them through your actions?


  1. Submission Is Success, Separation Is Failure. We often get the two mixed up, just like Jonah did. He hoped that God would destroy Nineveh, whether they submitted or not. But by aligning themselves with God they began a relationship with the God who loved them. Success! We must recalibrate our perspective on God to understand that submitting to His will puts us under His protection, not His thumb! And to choose not to submit is to choose separation from Him…not a great idea.


I pray that this glance into Jonah’s life will help you see God’s authority a little bit different today. If you’d like more info, check out to watch the messages from our series “Rebellion”.

Also! If you are a parent of a High School student at our Pellissippi campus, join us this Wednesday (March 6) as we conclude the series with a message from Pastor Chris and a special Parent Connection breakout all about sharing your faith with your student!