Movement – Discussion Questions

Main Point

God is using all generations at Faith Promise to do amazing things in Knoxville and around the world. Can you imagine what we could do if we were fully plugged in to the power of God?

Start the Conversation

Talk about the last time you lost electrical power. What did you miss most without electricity?


Not only did God send his only son to the world to die for you and me (as if that were not enough), God also sent us all a singular power source: the Holy Spirit. When we stay “plugged in,” we get placement, power, and purpose. What if as a church we chose only one power source? What if we stopped the comparisons, stopped the social media indulgence, stopped worrying if we were doing what others felt was right and focused on what God thought? What if we stopped going with the flow of the world and sought to get our power only from the ways of Jesus and his truth? What would that look like?

Encounter God through Bible Study

Read Acts 1:7-9.

1. What are some sources of power that we use instead of the Holy Spirit?

2. Can you think of a time when you or someone you know received the power of the Holy Spirit? What did that look like/feel like?

Read Luke 4:1-21.

3. How many times in this passage is the Holy Spirit mentioned?

4. Pastor Zac discussed his revelation of why we do not accomplish the things that Jesus did (in spite of John 14:12). Discuss this revelation.

5. Look again at verse 1. The Holy Spirit provides placement. Can you think of a time you were following God and ended up in a place you did not expect? How did God use you in that place?

6. Look again at verse 14. The Holy Spirit provides power. Whom have you heard talking about doing something—it could be phenomenal or everyday life things—through God’s power? Where do you need God’s power in your life?

7. Look again at verses 17-21. The Holy Spirit provides purpose. All of God’s children have a purpose, and we are part of his master plan. What do you believe your purpose is?

Read Philippians 1:6.

8. What part do you think the Holy Spirit plays in this promise?

Read John 16:7.

9. When were people granted the opportunity to live in the Holy Spirit?

Read Ezekiel 47:3-9.

10. As you read through these verses, imagine the river to be the Holy Spirit. How does this passage tie in to what we learned about the Dead Sea last week?

11. What prevents people from swimming in the Holy Spirit—from being fully plugged in? How do you “plug in” to the Holy Spirit?

12. This passage is a prophet’s vision of what is to come when God’s people quit going with the flow of this world and create massive movement by being fully connected and powered by the Holy Spirit. Are you or a loved one holding onto something that is preventing you from moving into deeper waters?

14. How deep are you standing in the waters of the Holy Spirit? Are you swimming?

Embrace Biblical Community

The concept of the Holy Spirit can be hard for some to wrap their minds around.  What are ways that people plug into the Holy Spirit? Jesus’ death tore the veil and we have access to the Holy Spirit. Pray for those in your group and for the leaders who help guide our community to be powered by the Holy Spirit.

Expand God’s Kingdom

How can we stand united as a multi-generational community and utilize the power of the Holy Spirit to make a difference?

Leader Notes

We encourage groups to try the Discovery Bible Method as an alternative to these discussion questions. You will find details for this Bible study method here. For this week, please study Ezekiel 47:3-12 and Revelation 22:1-2.

1. Other sources of power might include money, sex, and charisma.

3. The Holy Spirit is mentioned 4 times (see verses 1, 14, 18).

4. While Jesus is God’s son and is sinless, that is only part of what made him who he was while on Earth. The Holy Spirit came upon Jesus at his baptism (Luke 3:22), and Jesus remained in the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1).

8. The key to us being a united front, to being a movment who, through God, has the potential to eliminate racism, divorce, and other evils, is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God’s omnipresence in all our lives. When we are tuned in, or plugged in, we get access to God’s guidance, wisdom, and power, and we are able to understand his purpose for us.

11. Encourage the group to discuss ways they plug into God/Holy Spirit. What warning signs do they see when they realize they have become unplugged?

12. Encourage the group to discuss things that people hold onto which prevent them from stepping fully into God’s love and fully surrendering.