Monterrey Mexico – Day One

Today was our first full day in Monterrey and it was exceptional.  It amazes me each year how God stitches together a different team every year that fulfills each need everywhere we serve.  Maybe the amazing part is that I still am amazed.  This year we have the smallest team I have been a part of in Monterrey and many of us were strangers but God put together the right people for the job.  Today we were able to visit Casa De Hogar Douglas Childrens home.  We spent some time playing with the students who did not go home for the weekend.  We were also given a two projects to begin.  The first was to disassemble a shed that will be reassembled in a different place later in the week.  Two of our young men jumped up and wanted to lead this project.  As awesome as this was it was over shadowed by the two tween boys in our group that really wanted to be a part of this as well.  Not only were they eager to help but they were able to spend quality time with our two young men who are strong Christians and a role model for these boys.  The second task we were asked to do was to fix a sewage problem, clean it out and tie it back in.  Though this did not sound like something fun, as I looked around I saw a couple of us smiling and laughing that “this is us.”  Luckily, there was some miscommunication and all we had to do was dig up a sewer line so they can install a grease trap.  I was able to see some people who are not the “outdoor” type people standing in hole and digging with all they had.  The rest of our group was able to spend some additional quality time with the kids.  After we left the orphanage, the children came to the Back 2 Back campus and swam in the pool.  Since swimming is not something I do well I watched many of our group members play with the kids in the pool.  I spent some time with one of these men afterward and told him how awesome he does in those situations and he commented on how he wished he could have helped with the projects.  It hit me again that this team is put together for a reason with special tools meant for the job.  This man’s wife had mentioned in passing at the children’s home that she was not doing enough but she spent the day reading and playing with a woman who is mentally challenged that lives at the home.  This activity was extremely impactful to this woman and was a day she will remember.  It reiterated to me that we all have different skills and God puts us in a place to use these skills.  We don’t all need to be preachers, singers, small group leaders, or band members.  Do not underestimate or demean your gift because it was given to you for a reason.  God’s Kingdom was impacted by every member of our team today.