Money In The Bank

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

I don’t like Insufficient Funds Fees.  I doubt anyone else does either.

I remember my first ‘NSF’ notification from my bank when I was in college.  I’d overdrawn my account by $12.57.  And yet I was ‘in the hole’ by $37.75!  That ‘NSF’ charge cost me more than the amount I had overdrawn.  An expensive mistake for this college freshman.

I learned really fast that it was critical to have more money in deposits than withdrawals, and not the inverse.  If not, then I drive myself further and further in the negative.  Eventually I’m so overdrawn the bank will force my account closed.

Communications with my family is much like banking.  I’ve got to make more deposits than withdrawals.  By consistently investing time, energy, and attention into my husband and kids, I create a healthy ‘account’.  When an account is healthy, it can withstand some withdrawals.  But if I make more withdrawals than deposits, eventually I run myself into the negative.  A dangerous place to be for any relationship… especially with your family.

I’m reminded today to be more intentional and invest in the relationships under my roof.  This kind of investment pays off in dividends.