Mom in the Middle – Discussion Questions

Main Point

Being in the middle can be a difficult, stressful, no win position in the natural. When you are in the middle in the supernatural however, it can be a very vital win!

Start the Conversation

As a mom, parent or a child, can you think of a time when you witnessed someone being in the middle? Some examples are a parent in-between the child and co-parent, a child in-between his parents, your parents in-between you and your friends, teachers, coaches, etc.


This week Michelle talked about times that she felt like she was the “mom in the middle,” during good times, bad times, times she really should not have been, and times when God utilized her to redeem certain situations.

Encounter God through Bible Study

Read Exodus 2:1-3.

1. For parents, it can be hard to imagine letting go of a child, even if it is their best chance of survival. Can you think of a time when you had to release something or someone because you knew it was what was best for you and/or them?

2. Can you think of another mother who found herself in the middle and was faced with the anguishing reality that she had to release her son?

Read Psalm 84:12.

3. Releasing someone/something takes courage and trust. What other verses can you find where the Bible talks about trusting God?

4. Michelle points out that release contradicts the confines of the middle. If you are in the middle balancing two opposing sides, often there is an element of control. Many times, in life we must trust in what God is telling us and relinquish that control. That is where we find the redemption. In what areas of life do you find it difficult to relinquish control?

Read Exodus 2:4-8.

5. How did Jochebed’s discernment in her middle position create the perfect situation for Moses’ survival?

6. Can you think of a time when God utilized you as a middle man and it allowed other people to come in and reinforce or support those who needed it most?

Read Exodus 2:3 again.

7. Like Noah, Jochebed utilizes pitch to fill the gaps in the basket to keep it from leaking. Being in the middle requires you to plug holes and prevent disasters between two opposing forces. Can you remember a time that your mom or a parent figure filled the gap for you?

8. Have you ever filled in the gaps for your friends or loved ones?

9. How can you and your small group members fill in the gaps for each other?

10. What gaps did Jesus fill for us?

Embrace Biblical Community

Prayer is one of the most powerful ways to intercede or fill in the gaps on behalf of others. Who needs your prayers now?

Expand God’s Kingdom

What are some ways that we can be the middle man, and maintain healthy boundaries, for those who don’t yet know Christ?

Leader Notes

3. See also Proverbs 3:5, Psalm 37:3,5, Psalm 56:3, Isaiah 26:4.

5. Note that Moses’ mother’s name was Jochebed, although that is not explicit in Exodus 2. See Exodus 6:20.

Being the middle man takes a lot of strength, love, and endurance. To do so successfully and in a way that brings glory to God, we must use discernment, listen to His voice, and have faith in His plans.

Michelle mentions that releasing is where the redemption and atonement are found. Releasing requires trust in something greater than ourselves. What other examples can you think of that might help bring this point to light?

Read Matthew 22:36-40. A mother, or any parent/leader figure, bring certain attributes such as experience, wisdom, and love that we need in all stages of our lives to fill the gaps. One of the most common attributes that mothers are known for is love. God’s greatest commandment is to love. Who better to demonstrate this, to help bring others together, to fill the gaps than a mother?