Modern Family: The Great Blending

The Great Blending

1. Every family is a blended family and God is in the blending business. In what ways is your family blended? When has this been a challenge for you or for your family? How has this been a blessing to you and a blessing to your family?

2. There are two aspects to the blending – the process and the result. Pastor Michael shared that the process involves:

  • commitment – the banana was committed and could not change its’ mind
  • sacrifice – the banana sacrificed its identity as it was never a banana again
  • humbleness – the banana was humble because it shared its attributes with the strawberry
  • discomfort – the process can be painful – the blades hurt
  • God – God is the process – He is in the center of the process – He controls the process

Talk about each aspect and discuss how these look in a family setting.  What things come easily and why?  What things challenge you the most or make you the most uncomfortable?

3. Too often we are hyper-focused on the result and therefore look past the process. Pastor Michael shared three applications to remember the process and thus prevent families from failing.

  1. Do not blend before it’s time.
  2. Keep the lid on.
  3. Allow the process to take place. Allow God to work.

With your family, are you more focused on the result or the process?

4. In what ways have you been blended which were a result of relationships you chose and possibly God did not? How are you still affected by that blending?

5. What steps can we take to make the environment inside the blender the best it can be and remember to keep the lid on?

6. How do we go about identifying Gods timing versus our own timing?

7. The final result of the smoothie is amazing. In what practical ways can we allow God to manage the process of blending our family?

Scripture verses:
Malachi 2:16
Genesis 2:24
2 Corinthians 5:17-18