Modern Family: Fall of the First Family

Fall of the First Family

1. Are there areas where you find your views are not in alignment with scripture? How do you address those areas or issues? How do you go about adjusting your views to come into alignment with scripture?

2. Pastor Chris shared three consequences of the fall: shame, blame, and fame. Share a time where you felt shame? How do respond to these feelings? How do you overcome these feelings?

3. Emotions are a part of shame. Do you have emotions with which you struggle? How do these emotions drain you, distract you, or even control you? What role does truth play in counteracting our emotions?

4. Why is it so easy to blame others when things fall apart? Is there someone you have blamed for something that you need to release from blame?

5. How do we start to counteract the effects of fame and make steps to focus on others? How can we begin to think about ourselves less and think about others more?

Scripture verses:
Genesis 2:24-25
Genesis 3:1-11
Revelation 3:18
Isaiah 61:10
Hebrews 12:2
John 8:32
Genesis 3:14-20