Meet Our Missionaries

Ben and Krista Beukema

Faith Promise has meant the world to our family. You have supported us not only in prayer but in tangible ways like in our finances when there was a crisis on the field, when medical care was needed, and you sent teams to visit us. You have never left us regardless of us being in Jamaica or back stateside. We are and will be forever grateful for the role that Faith Promise has played in our sending and care as missionaries.

Faith Promise has supported the work that God is doing among the Deaf in Jamaica.

  • A video crew came to film a biography of our Deaf Jamaican pastor – Sheldon Burkett and that video has reached and touched thousands of people.
  • Staff members have poured into Pastor Sheldon and his wife Rachel to help him articulate his vision for the church and
    increasing his leadership.
  • A Heart for the Harvest donation allowed us to create jobs and income for the ministry in Jamaica.

God is calling our family to reach the Deaf community of Jamaica, including both students and adults. The Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf exists to reach, teach, and nurture the Deaf of Jamaica. Our mission is to enable full language access and affirmation in an inclusive community whereby knowledge is empowered to know the Lord, appreciate diversity, and understand the functions of the world.

As parents of 3 young children we would love prayer as we raise our kids and we would love for you to pray for strength and wisdom as  we lead a ministry.

  • The Deaf of the world are an unreached people group who lack access to the gospel. In addition to providing an education we make the gospel  accessible to the Deaf of Jamaica. Pray that more would come to know the Lord.

Aaron and Katelyn Comer

Faith Promise has meant the world to our family. As teenagers and boyfriend and girlfriend, Faith Promise helped to shape our understanding of God, the Word, and living a life that pleases Him. Faith Promise has been with us through it all; dating, becoming adults, getting married, starting a family, and being sent out as missionaries. They have been there through the highs and lows. We would not be the people we are today without our incredible Faith Promise family.

Faith Promise supported us financially during the move and allowing us to stay on the field in St. Kitts and Nevis. They have invested in us as leaders through trainings and allowed us to provide the Celebrate Recovery books and workbooks to help the people here on the island with addictions. They have provided mission trip teams to give us encouragement and provide us additional things/gifts from home. They have also made our kids feel special!

God has called us to start and provide Celebrate Recovery ministries around the islands. We have started the program in the community, as well as prison and juvenile detention center. Since being here, God has also called Aaron to be the pastor of a local international church, Caribbean Christian Fellowship. We have attendees from nearly a dozen other countries from around the globe.

Please pray for our church to be a place where people find a real relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for the Celebrate Recovery program and that it will continue to grow and reach those who need it and that other pastors will see the need for it as well. Pray for our family to stay healthy (physically, emotionally, and spiritually).

Chris and Kacy Ladd

Faith Promise has meant the world to the Ladd family. My Christian walk and my view on church has been shaped by Faith Promise in a way that has always given me an abundant burden for the lost. Faith Promise taught me that church was for people who were far from God. The ten plus years I spent attending Faith Promise in person shaped me so that I can now lead my family and other churches into the same passion for the lost. Without Faith Promise being willing to nurture and walk with me as I entered into my calling I would not be where I am. I would not have the wife and family that I have. And, Cape Town would not be getting a Faith Promise dose of Jesus’ love.

Faith Promise has supported the work that God has called me to from day one. They have transitioned with me from being a missionary who was leading an NGO to being a church planter in Cape Town. When I left for the mission field Faith Promise was there for me with monthly calls. These were opportunities for Faith Promise to encourage me and help me. They sent teams on mission trips twice to support the work that I was doing. As a family we have been able to get help with leadership development through people like Zac Stephens and Josh Whitehead. We have had help with counseling when we hit hard spots in our journey such as our miscarriage through the tender care of Ann. When we moved to Cape Town to start a church, they sent more teams to encourage us and help us.

God is calling our family to build his church. We came to Cape Town to start a church from scratch in order to see this mission called out. However, God, instead brought us to a local church where we have been leading their elders, leadership team, and congregation in the vision that God has given us for the city and the world. Kacy has also helped take an American based ministry called Help Club for Moms and help it branch out to an international audience. She is running groups that reach all over the city of Cape Town, the UK, and Uganda. They are helping moms be strong so that families are strong!

Pray for me, Chris, as I lead a church that is ready to grow and expand. Pray for Kacy as she leads a ministry that is reaching moms all over the world. You can pray for protection for our family. We live in a city with one of the highest murder rates in the world and we often work in gang-controlled areas. Pray for protection over us as we drive, as we sleep in our home, and as we interact with people we meet.

Dustin and Katie Scott

Faith Promise has made a huge impact on our family. Dustin grew up, came to faith in Jesus, and recognized his calling to ministry at Faith Promise. Most of our deepest friendships have come through connecting with people while serving at Faith Promise or doing life together in fpGROUPS. As we began to recognize God’s calling on our family towards missions, Faith Promise helped us discern God’s calling and supported us as we moved towards the mission field.

Ever since we discerned our calling to missions, Faith Promise has supported us every step of the way. We have multiple small groups that are active in praying for us and encouraging us, along with countless members of Faith Promise who do the same. A number of times when we have faced a difficult circumstance, God has used people from Faith Promise to send us encouraging messages that reminded us God was at work. We have also been the recipients of incredible generosity, as the vast majority of our financial support comes from the people of Faith Promise.

Our family is serving in Scotland, where less than 2.5% of people are evangelical Christians. Living in a place with a rich Christian history, our desire is to be a catalyst for an indigenous move of God in Scotland that spreads throughout Europe. We seek to do this by coming alongside local Christian leaders to support and multiply the ministry God has called them to. We particularly focus on helping identify and develop emerging leaders in order to reach the next generation.

Please join us in praying for the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of the people of Scotland, and for God to open more doors with local leaders and ministry partners. We are also asking God for wisdom in how we can best carry out our ministry in light of restrictions surrounding COVID, and for wisdom as to what ministry might look like in the future.

Edier and Kattia Valverdes