Mind Monsters Week 3 – Discussion Guide

Getting Started

Main Idea: The Mind Monsters of emotion have moved from under our beds to inside our heads.

Discussion Starter: Have you known anyone to have some deep-seated fear, a fear that paralyzed them or prevented them from doing something?  Have you experienced any of these: fear of heights, speaking in public, tight spaces, spiders, snakes, etc.?

Introduction: There is more than one type of fear and the Bible has a lot to say about fear. This week we will look at how fear impacts us and how we can handle fears more productively, as well as supporting others as they work through some of their personal fears. Wouldn’t it be nice if this mind monster lost some (or all!) its control in our lives?

Encounter God

Primary Scriptures:  

2 Timothy 1:7, 1 John 4:18, Hebrews 2:14, Matthew 6:25-34

Discussion Questions:

  1. What do the passages in 1 John and Hebrews point to as the source of our fear?
  2. What does the passage in 2 Timothy say that God gives us?
  3. In this series, Pastor talked about parking our minds on the thoughts found on the “P48 Train.”  What similar thoughts/actions are we reminded of in 2 Timothy that God gives us to overcome Mind Monsters?
  4. How does the passage from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount found in Matthew 6:25-34 tell us to behave?
  5. What are some action items or thoughts we can take this week to help us with our fears?

Discovery Bible Method:
For deeper study, as an alternative to the questions above, read Matthew 6:25 and use the Discovery Bible Method to explore the passage.

Embrace Others

Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into dyads or triads for this section.

Getting to know you: As you go through the week and encounter the Mind Monster of fear, consider Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:25-34 then reach out to your group and share ways you are encouraged.

Getting to know them: As a group, search for other scriptures on prayers to help arm you and your loved ones against the fear Mind Monster.

Getting to know Him: Commit in your groups to reading/memorizing one or two of the scriptures you found and praying for your group during your quiet time.

Engage the World Around Us

Engaging at Faith Promise:  Groups can be very intimidating to many.  Pray for all the new groups starting and for the Promisers who have yet to sign up.  Pray that they find their group and that the Mind Monster of fear doesn’t get in the way.

Engaging in Community: Pay attention this week as you are at work or with family and notice how fear is impacting the lives of those around you.  Things you may not have noticed before will be more evident. Share some of what you are learning, Jesus’ love, and your relationship with Him, and how this helps overcome fears.

Engaging the World: This time of year, students are heading back to school, teachers are meeting their new pupils, and we are approaching fall. Let’s say special prayers for those leaders in schools and all the students, because we know there are a lot of emotions including fear during this time.

Expand God’s Kingdom

One of the biggest obstacles for people taking their next step in becoming a leader is fear.  Who is someone who you know is afraid of moving forward and stepping up to their next level of leadership?  Reach out to them this week, and help them take their next step.

Leader’s Notes

ALL groups at Faith Promise should follow Jesus Christ and lead others to do the same. Below are the marks of a growing follower and disciple of Jesus.

– A follower of Jesus desires to encounter God through the deeper study and application of God’s Word.

– A follower of Jesus embraces people and values relationships on a deeper level so everyone can grow together.

– A follower of Jesus engages and serves the world around them and in their community, through local partners or God-directed opportunities.

– A follower of Jesus expands God’s Kingdom through development and multiplication of disciple-makers, possibly to lead more groups at Faith Promise.