This week I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of a friend’s father. I mention this to you to highlight one common theme I heard and reheard at the service. That word is memory.


Each of the grandchildren at the funeral were given the chance to share some memories of their grandfather. This led to laughter, tears, smiles and hugs as all in attendance remembered the life this man had lived. It is these memories that will live on in the lives of this family.


So, in light of the fact that you are reading this….you and I are still in a position to create memories that will impact our families beyond the span of our lives.  What are you doing to create stories that your kids will tell in 20 years? How are you shaping their mindset and framing their worldview?


Chances are you are doing this without even trying. Just imagine the stories and memories you family will create if you do it with great intention!