Memories By The Hour

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

During the week it seems our weeknights disappear. By the time I get home in the evening we jump into dinner. Once dinner is over there’s a good hour before the bedtime routine begins. Having a mix of preschool to elementary age kids, the bedtime routine begins at 8pm so we guarantee lights out at 9pm. It can feel like a mad scramble. By the time kids are in bed I look back on the one hour that we had and wonder, “Did I make that hour count?” In Family Ministries, we’ve focused a lot recently on Creating a Rhythm (tapping into the power of quality moments together, and building a sense of purpose through your everyday experiences). If I step back and review my day, that one hour after dinner and before bedtime routine is a critical time to Create a Rhythm. In fact, how I utilize that hour sets me up for the little interactions I have during the bedtime routine. How? Well, this past week your child left fpKIDS with a Take Home sheet. That sheet has a fun, brief activity on it that can be done in less than 30 minutes. In fact, the elementary sheet has a Clue Hunt! By using that activity, I can make that hour a fun, memorable moment with my family. Which sets me up for giggles and smiles when I tuck them into bed that night. You see, there are so many things I want for my kids. I want to have a great relationship with them. I want them to experience a healthy, Christ-centered home life. I want them to be proud to be part of our family. And I want them to leave my home full of memories of the fun things we did together. And those fun memories can be made one hour at a time. So I want to leverage that hour and give my kids something to look back on and smile. Grab your copy of this week’s Take Home activity here.



 Find the answers to the Clues here.