March Madness Week 1 – Discussion Questions

Main Point

Learn to be content whatever your circumstance.

Start the Conversation

Which team are you backing to win the basketball championship? Why? Will you still back them if they lose the first tournament game? What would it take for them to be winners?


The Bible teaches that money itself is not the root of evil; rather, the love of money is what causes downfall. It seems that a majority of Americans are deep in debt and have little savings. However, God has a plan for you to overcome debt and learn how to live within your income—and even be content with that paycheck amount.

Encountering God through Bible Study

Read Matthew 6:21, 24.

1. What area of your life takes up most of your time and focus? Is this where your heart is?

2. Do you spend time longing for when you can reach your next pay raise/promotion? Is more of your time focused on money and what it can buy or on God and His Kingdom?

Read Philippians 4:11-12.

3. Does it cost any money to love God?

4. How can you serve God if you have nothing of monetary value to give?

5. How does a person learn to be content without much money?

Read Ecclesiastes 5:10.

6. Think about people whom you know who earn a substantial income. Are they content?

Read I Timothy 6:10.

7. What does this verse say is the cause of evil?

8. What is the result of longing for money?

Embrace others in Biblical Community

Time spent in prayer doesn’t cost anything. Consider praying for the people on the teams in your life: family, work, small group, others who affect your spiritual life.

Expand God’s Kingdom

With whom can you share what you learned today? Is there someone on your team who has made you a better player? How could you thank them this week?

Leader Notes

We encourage groups to try the Discovery Bible Method as an alternative to these discussion questions. You will find details for this Bible study method here. For this week, please study Matthew 6:19-24.

4. Use your time and talents: call or visit people who are lonely or shut-in; pray; work on church grounds or clean inside.
5. Ask for testimonies: Focus on Jesus and being obedient to scripture.
6. If you know people with a lot of money who are content, do you think it is their income that causes their attitude?
7. Many folks say “money,” but scripture says “the love of money.”
8. Longing for money results in frustration and discontentment.