Marble Moments

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

I remember watching Leave it to Beaver as a kid.  Jerry Mathers’ character “the Beav” always had a marble in his pocket.  Of course, this wasn’t the central theme of the show, I just remember learning from Beaver that marbles were important.  In fact, they were special.  Not one was insignificant.  Each one was unique.  In fact, each one had a story.  And if you wanted to know the story all you had to do was ask… and the Beaver would tell you.

These were far more than orbs of glass to the Beaver.

Serving with kids and students is like digging into a bag full of marbles.  Not one is insignificant.  Each child is unique.  Each student has a story.  And if you want to know the story all you have to do is ask.

I like to call these Marble Moments.  Opportunities to experience something special.  Opportunities to see more than what’s on the surface.

So many adults convince themselves that they don’t have anything to offer students or they’re really not good with kids.  The funny thing is… the greatest skill you possess is your ability to listen.

The time invested serving in kids and student ministry is more than just an hour of your week.  It’s a bag full of marbles.  Dig in!