Manifesto: Week Two

Week Two

1. Pastor discussed the focus of Paul versus that of the apostles. On who do you focus?

2. God allowed the persecution of the early church in order to scatter them and, in turn, to spread the gospel. How does it make you feel to know that God could allow persecution in your life to ensure someone else’s eternity?

Pastor Chris discussed a church body being focused on the inside versus the outside. How are individuals impacted when focus is inward versus outward? How are churches impacted when focus is inward versus outward?

In John 4, Christ had the opportunity to choose between ignoring or sharing with the woman at the well. We all face the same opportunities on a regular basis. Share a time when someone made the decision to share with you? What was the impact of that decision on you? On whom can you make that same type of impact?

The woman at the well brought everyone she knew to Jesus. Who do you need to invite over the next two weekends?

Scripture verses
Matthew 28:19-20
Acts 1:2
Acts 8:1-2
Acts 8:4-5
Acts 8:25-29
Acts 8:40
Acts 4:13
Acts 5:28-29
John 4