Man vs. Woman Week 2 – Discussion Questions



God has a plan for your life, He has since the very beginning. Our responsibility as Christians is to take a stand in the role God has called us to, especially when we interact with the opposite sex.


When you were a child what was your idea of a man’s role in society or in a marriage? What about a woman’s role?


Modern American society is slowly moving culture away from Christ. As Christ followers, we don’t take our cue about how to treat one another from this culture. The Word of God directs us to how we are to act. Men, do you honor and respect your women, protecting them and leading them in a godly way? Women, are you there to support and encourage your men in a Christ-loving manner?

Our current culture is vastly anti-Christian. It always has been. To put things more simply, Pastor says we are “sitting in a culture energized and impacted by the enemy.” Because of this, the time to get it right has never been more pressing. At FaithPromise, the younger generation rising underneath our influence and example has to contend with outside pressure from our culture. From the classroom to mainstream media, the outside world has placed more and more pressure on our youth to meet a certain standard.

But as Christians, we are not called to meet the world’s standards…we are called to meet God’s. As Pastor said, God gives the last word; His Word is THE Word. As adults, we have to rise to the challenge of setting a proper example for younger generations to follow. How do we do this? It all starts at home. Recognize that right now, gender roles are under attack. We need to be asking ourselves, what does a godly woman look like? What does a godly man look like? From here, we can step up to the roles God has called us to, setting a better example for those watching.


1. Every man needs a cheerleader. Genesis 2:18 says that God created woman to be a helper for man. What does this mean to the women in the group? Men, do you agree?

2. God created man for action. Men are wired to “fix it.” Men, what are your thoughts on this? How has the desire to “fix it” helped or hindered your relationship?

3. Are we okay with each other’s differences? (Be honest!) What are some ways we can value and complement each other rather than tearing each other down? Read 1 Thessalonians 5:11.

4. God fashioned woman from the rib of the man (Gen. 2:21). Why is it important to note that woman was formed from the side of man?

5. Genesis 2:20 shows Adam as a leader, a protector. The man is supposed to lead the woman/his family. (Spiritually) How does this show what God asks of man today? Are you living up to this standard? If you are not married, can you give an example of a man who has been a spiritual leader in your life?

6. Read Rom. 12:2 – Christ followers are marked by love. We are not to conform to the ways of this world; we are to be transformed. With this in mind, how can we live a life marked by love (for one another)?

7. Read 1 Peter 3:7. How are you to treat one another? Are you doing a good job of this today? Where can you improve?

8. What sin does is divide us. Sin drives a wedge between you and your spouse, you and your friends. Before sin there was total transparency (see Gen 2:25). How are we supposed to communicate through our differences, to work through our sin together? (Acts 3:19)


This study lends itself to small groups with both men and women present. We understand that Faith Promise has many ladies-only groups or men-only groups. We also understand that not everyone is married or will be married. Please modify this study as you wish to fit the needs of your group.

3. Be careful not to let this descend into belittling of one sex or the other. What are some things that the opposite sex does right or things they can teach us?
4. See Genesis 2:23-24, these verses speak to how men and women are to be united.
8. See Genesis 2:25-Naked and not ashamed. Note that Faith Promise offers counseling services. If there are couples in your group struggling, encourage them to seek godly advice. You may check the Care Ministry page for more information (