Make Plans for a Great Summer

For families, the arrival of summer brings with it amazing potential. As you consider summer begin by determining that this approximately 10 week window will be a form of fun and deepening relationships for your family. The following are a few summer thoughts:

  1. Plan the fun. As a family plan some intentional fun activities at least one time per week. This doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation. Depending on the age of your kids have a water balloon fight in the yard (my family has soaked me a few times upon my arrival home), go to a park with a picnic; rent a movie (bed times are often more relaxed in the summer), etc. Let each member of the family offer suggestions and perhaps be in charge of developing the activity for a particular week.
  2. Plan to serve. One of the best things any of our families can do is to experience serving together. Is there a project or cause that your family can benefit from through service? Whether it’s at church or a neighborhood project, summer provides a window for a new experience. Start serving together.
  3. Plan to grow. Summer often provides, because of relaxed scheduling for kids, opportunities for intentional growth. A few possible growth possibilities include:
  • Visits to the public library
  • Begin a family fitness program. Start walking or play the Wii together
  • If you have elementary, middle or high school students, check out the Faith Promise Church summer camps. Camp provides a great setting for our children to deepen their walk with the Lord in a fun filled environment.

Ready or not summer is headed toward your family. Start making plans today for a great summer.