Love Starts Here Week 4 – Discussion Questions


God wants us to be a miracle for others; we may have little to give, but it is PERFECT in the eyes of the Lord.


If you had an endless supply of money, what is a dream gift you would give to someone special?


This weekend, Pastor Chris continued in our series, Love Starts Here, with a consideration of the Stable Boy in the story of the birth of Jesus. We enjoyed a short film that looked at what the Stable Boy had to offer Mary and Joseph. He meekly asked them to stay with him in the stable and when they inquired about a place to lay the baby, he ashamedly presented a pig trough to them. Joseph’s reply was that it was perfect. Pastor challenged Christ followers to give God our life- our mouth, our hands, our feet. It may seem simple and small to us, but to Him, it is perfect. He does not NEED us to serve Him, but He desires it, and what a blessing it is when we surrender our all to Him. For those who are not yet believers, He desires your heart. Being a believer does not make you better than anyone else, but it does mean you are forgiven. What a scandalous idea grace is! He give us everything for nothing, and we do not deserve anything. He desires us to surrender all to Him in faith so that we can be called His sons and daughters.


Read Isaiah 7:14.
1. Who is the virgin? Who is the child? What does Immanuel mean?
2. Discuss the importance of why He was born of a virgin apart from human generation.

Read Isaiah 9:6-7.
3. The Lord promises a Redeemer in these verses. We know this refers to Jesus because this passage (Is. 9:1-2) is quoted in Matthew 4:13-15. In Is 9:6-7, what phrase refers to Jesus’ humanity? What phrase refers to His deity?
4. Has all of this prophecy in these verses been fulfilled? Why or why not?
5. What are the 4 ways Jesus is described in these verses? What do each of these mean to you?

Read John 1:12.
6. The world paints a picture of Christians as narrow-minded, judgemental, and exclusive. Describe how this verse contradicts the world’s perception and the devil’s lies.
7. Who has God placed on your heart to share this SCANDALOUS gift of grace this Christmas season?
8. Consider handing your all over to God. This is our purpose! He can use it, even if it seems so small, and He can turn it into a miracle. How can your group pray for you as you prepare to fulfill your purpose and calling? None of us want to miss an opportunity of experiencing His power at work in us as we travel this exciting journey of faith!


1. Mary; Jesus; “God with us”
2. This is key doctrine to Christianity. Jesus had to be born of the virgin, apart from human generation, because He existed before His mother. He was not just born in this world; He came down from heaven into the world. Jesus was sent by the Father and therefore came into the world having a human mother but not a human father.
3. A child is born. A Son is given.
4. No. Jesus is not reigning in righteousness from David’s throne in Jerusalem, but we KNOW He will be one day.
5. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Answers may vary. He rules with perfect and just wisdom; nothing will be dull about His reign! He is the Father of eternity. He is both powerful and the Giver of peace.
6. ALL who accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior are given the gift of salvation. No one is denied who places their faith in Him. The offer is wide, no sin is too big to be forgiven, and no one who gives their heart to Him will be denied.