Love Starts Here Week 2 – Discussion Questions


You are a miracle waiting to happen!


Who has been your miracle? Share a time in your life when someone acted as Jesus’ hands and feet and ministered to you.


“I’m a miracle waiting to happen!” This week Pastor Chris asked what would happen if we defined ourselves that way. We have opportunities every day to be miracles in others’ lives. Maybe you have extra funds this year and can be someone’s financial miracle. Maybe you have an extra chair at your table and can be someone’s friend during a lonely holiday season. Maybe you can lend an ear or a shoulder if someone is dealing with stress during this busy month. Whose miracle are you?


Read Luke 4:18-19 and Isaiah 61:1-3.

1. Who do you know who is afflicted or brokenhearted? How can you help them to heal?

2. Who do you know who is a captive or a prisoner? Keep in mind that not all prisons have four walls and bars on the windows. How can you minister to this person?

3. Who do you know who is mourning? How can you comfort them? Discuss what types of comfort might be appropriate at different times of mourning.

4. Which of these needs that Jesus promises to meet resonates most with you? Which brings you the most hope?

Read Proverbs 11:24-26.

5. When have you scattered or sown seed and reaped a great harvest?

6. When have you held on to something and then ended up in greater need?

7. What stops you from being someone else’s miracle? Busyness? Fear? Lack of resources?


Be aware that it may be people within your group who are brokenhearted, prisoners, or mourning. It may be easy to share prayer requests for others with these needs, but difficult to confess when we ourselves are in need. Encourage a spirit of openness by being transparent about your own needs.