Love is ___. Week 1 – Discussion Questions

Love Is-tall


Our series kicks off by teaching us where love came from, how it flows, what blocks the flow, and how to fix it.


Our series is called Love is ___. How would you fill in the blank?


Love began when God created humanity in the Garden of Eden. We were created with an innate desire for love. The flow of love is blocked by hurt. It was first blocked when Adam and Eve sinned. In the Old Testament they couldn’t repair the flow. Every time something clean encountered something unclean it became unclean. Jesus’ crucifixion created a way to repair the flow. When anything unclean touches the blood of Christ it becomes clean. In our own lives Christ heals the hurt, repairs the flow, and lets our scars become our stories.


Read Gen 2:15-17.

1. What job were we given? In this reading we were also given the first commandment. Do we have things in our life that are similar to the tree? If yes, why does God allow it?

2. What are the two directions to run in when we experience sin (either something done to us or something we have done to others)? What is the most common way people run? What is needed to experience victory in times of hardship, trial, and brokenness?

3. List why these people from the Bible needing cleansing/healing:
A. Woman at the well (John 4)
B. Joseph’s brothers (Gen 45:50)
C. Naaman (2 Kings 5)
D. The Shunamite’s Son (2 Kings 4:8-37)

4. In the examples above, did they all receive healing or forgiveness? Why do we sometimes feel that our sin is too great or that God cannot heal our situation?

5. Leaders occasionally make colossal mistakes. King David was considered a man after God’s own heart. Can you think of his two biggest mistakes? See 2 Samuel 11.

6. Now you know in Bible people who asked for healing/forgiveness received it. You also know that adultery, kidnapping, lies, murder and disease were among the things granted forgiveness for. You know that even death was healed! Have you any hurt, weakness, wound, brokenness that is too great for God?

7. Take a moment and think of a time that you felt hurt, broken, bitter, or guilty. Ask yourself “Have I healed?”. Briefly, share a “star”. Sharing a star means to share a story of healing. You could also share about an open wound you still have. (Nothing is too small. The Bible says to cast all your cares upon him. 1 Peter 5:7)

As you close in prayer, praise God for the stories of healing you have heard and believe by faith that He will heal any open wounds that you have shown Him.


1. Our job is to take care of what God has given us. In Adam’s case it was the garden. The “trees” in our lives are temptations and anything that causes us to sin. We don’t know why God put the tree in the garden, but we want groups and our church to be a safe place to have questions and doubts.

2. East or west. The example Pastor Chris gives in the sermon is that in the Old Testament going east symbolized moving away from God and west symbolized moving towards God. Abraham ran to God. It’s our nature to run away and try to fix things. Victory comes when we run to God

3. A. Adultery B. Lies, Kidnapping, selling their brother C. Leprosy (disease) D.Death

4. Yes.

5. Adultery and murder