Living at Peace

So I have waiting before writing about this very touchy subject.  After the election I had my own personal feelings about who should be our President, but on that night the people of America spoke and elected who they wanted to represent them.  I watched over the next several days as people on both sides of the aisle chose to take their political views onto Facebook.  The things that people said to each other shocked me.  I even witnessed a person drop the “F” bomb towards someone and then talk about God’s blessings in the next sentence.  Many of the people claim to be Christians.  I was floored.  How can we as Christ followers, as frustrated as we may be about something, choose to act that way?

I have noticed an occurring theme throughout the New Testament in my quiet time over the past year…it’s a theme of “unity” among believers.  Look at what Paul has to tell us in Hebrews 12:14:

“Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy.”

Paul tells us regardless of our views; we are called to live at peace with each other.  Our desire as believers should be to be at peace with everyone, not to be at odds with each other.  Time and time again throughout the New Testament you will see this command or a similar command.  I believe that Jesus desires that His people would be marked by the quality of unity and love for each other despite our differences.  My question for us today is could it be said of us that we live at peace with others or that we are at odds with each other?  My prayer for us is that we do everything in our power to live at peace, keeping unity with each other.  Our goal in life is not to advance our own personal agenda or views, but to push forth the cause of the gospel and truth of Christ.  When we choose to live at peace with others and in unity even with those we disagree with, we choose to live like Christ lived, and we advance the Gospel.  I pray that for us all, we would strive to live at peace with all people.