Like a Boss Week 2 – Discussion Guide

Getting Started

Main Idea:
Living a life where you are the boss of your money so it is not the boss of you.

Discussion: How do you know when money has become the boss of someone?  Can you think of someone at work, in your life, your family, or your home who answers to money?

Introduction:  How many self-help books, courses, TV shows have you seen that want to help you find your way to financial freedom?  Why do you think we have such a hard time managing money as a society?  When you reflect on what culture says about money, goals, and priorities, it is no wonder that we are so confused on how to be good stewards of the gifts we are given.  So often, we look to the world for wisdom instead of the Bible.

Encounter God

Primary Scripture:  Acts 20:35, Haggai 1:5-6, Hebrews 13:5, and Hebrews 12:11, 1 Timothy 6:10, 2 Timothy 3:1-2

Discussion Questions:

When anything in life is an absolute requirement for your happiness and self-worth, it is essentially an ‘idol,’ something you are actually worshiping…” Timothy Keller, Counterfeit Gods.

1. In the sermon, Pastor references The Day America Told the Truth.  Specifically, what individuals said they would do for 10 million dollars. What are the warnings we read in the book of Timothy regarding money? What measures can we take to prevent the idolization of money?

2. One call of action Pastor gives in order to live Like a Boss is to put someone or something ahead of you this week financially.  How can we live like a boss by putting someone or something ahead of ourselves financially?

3. In Haggai, the prophet is commenting on how the people are never satisfied.  How similar is our world today?!

4. What are some other directives to prevent money from being your boss? With any habit  we must unlearn and realize that we are prioritizing somethings in the wrong order.

5. Hebrews 12:11 gives us a solid reminder of what the reward is when we perform the uncomfortable task of change and discipline ourselves to follow God’s commands.  What are some good disciplines in your life that help you keep the prioritization of God and money in the right order?

Discovery Bible Method:
For deeper study, as an alternative to the questions above, read Luke 15 and use the Discovery Bible Method to explore the passage.

Embrace Others

Suggestion: Consider breaking the group into dyads or triads for this section.

What ways can you prioritize what you have above what you want?

Talk about ways you are going to live like a boss this week.

In your groups take a minute and pray, asking God to open your eyes and give you discernment when you are struggling with moments of incorrect prioritization.  Ask for directions on how He wants you to move forward with placing others before yourself.

Engaging the world

How can we take what we have discussed here today and engage with our family at FP?

What about in the community?  Are there ways we can start to change the culture of “me first?”

Expanding God’s Kingdom

How can we practice being disciple makers that use our new habits to help create disciples who are called to serve others?

Leader’s Notes

ALL groups at Faith Promise should follow Jesus Christ and lead others to do the same. Below are the marks of a growing follower and disciple of Jesus.

– A follower of Jesus desires to encounter God through the deeper study and application of God’s Word.

– A follower of Jesus embraces people and values relationships on a deeper level so everyone can grow together.

– A follower of Jesus engages and serves the world around them and in their community, through local partners or God-directed opportunities.

– A follower of Jesus expands God’s Kingdom through development and multiplication of disciple-makers, possibly to lead more groups at Faith Promise.