Leveraging Fellowship Technologies’ Groups 2.0

In the interest of becoming more effective as connectors, Fellowship Technologies has released a revamped tool to help you more efficiently maintain contact with your group members and prospects. And to help you navigate this new technology, a step-by-step guide to the most common tasks is included below. As with any tool, it is best used as intended, much like a hammer is best at hitting nails rather than fixing windows. Ultimately, this tool is meant to streamline the way we promote our groups and connect people in them.


1. Access the portal at https://fpctystn.infellowship.com/.

2. Log in using your e-mail address and password you created. If you have never logged in, either to manage your group or to register for an event at Faith Promise, you may create an account.

3. Review available groups. Several options exist for groups and may not be relevant for every individual: (1) Your spans of care…, (2) You lead…, and (3) You belong to…

– Coaches and Leadership Team members have access to groups under “Your spans of care…”.
– Group leaders have access to their group under “You lead…”.
– Group members have access to their group under “You belong to…”.

Group leaders, as well as Coaches & Leadership Teams, have the ability to manage the settings of their groups. A leader can manage the Bulletin board, Details, Schedule, and Location. Leaders can also manage prospects through Groups 2.0. They can invite new people to join the group, which creates a new prospect, or respond to individuals who have shown interest. They can make notes on any interaction with a prospect directly in the application. Group leaders also have the ability to remove people from the roster list.

Group members can update their account information and profile. When signed in, click the Account button to access login information and the profile. Any information updated in the profile will update in your record in Fellowship One. Encourage your group members to update their information periodically so they receive e-mails and other correspondence from the group.

As you explore the new tools within Groups 2.0, determine the best means of leveraging this technology to maintain contact with your current and prospective members. And if all else fails, contact Jennifer at [email protected] or Evan at [email protected] with your questions.