Let’s blast off into May!

Wow! Promisors across all our locations have moved from the cubicle of comparison into the corner office of contentment and hundreds committed to take their next step on the Generosity journey and Get In on Generosity! Way to Live Like a Boss, Promisors!

This last month also saw milestone attendance at our God Behind Bars Morgan County Campus, as 200 men worshipped in community and witnessed 21 of their friends Get In the Waters of baptism. If these men can share, invite, follow Jesus and lead others to do the same, SO CAN YOU!

Now, more than ever we must Get In and Get On God’s new rivers and new roads and Get In the Weekend. With summer approaching, make gathering together in biblical community every weekend a priority on your calendar and Put God First.

This is exactly why we are rocketing off in Launchpad all month long, on a flight plan that will ignite and transform our homes and the next generation with liftoff love, language, leadership, and legacy. If you missed last weekend, go back, catch up, and be sure to buckle in for every weekend throughout May at one of our locations, our Online Campus, or our weekly Facebook Live!

Exciting news! This weekend, Michele Stephens, will be sharing a Word from God as part of a must-see Mother’s Day experience. So, do whatever you can to make sure that you, every member of your family, and every mother you know is at a Faith Promise campus.

Finally, beginning June 2nd, we are improving Saturday nights at the Pellissippi Campus, by adjusting experience start times to 5:00pm and 6:15pm. This will give better options to help more people with real problems find real love.

No matter what your next step is – take it today! Let’s keep getting in and getting on God’s new rivers of provision and roads of vision this year!

Love you, and see you this weekend!