Legendary: Will This Make a Difference?

Will This Make a Difference?

1. Share a story when a seemingly random comment resulted in a significant outcome in your life or in the life of someone you know.

2. In the story of Naaman’s servant girl, her one small act that ultimately resulted in the healing of her master. As a group, compile a list of opportunities to do “one small act” for those with whom you will be in contact this week. (Examples may include invite a neighbor to group or provide a gift to someone.)

3. Pastor Chris shared “do what you can do and God will do the rest”. Why is it important for us to take the first step?

4. The first of four characteristics exemplified by Naaman’s servant girl was confidence. What holds us back from being confident in our small acts?

5. Secondly, we need to be credible. What is a part of your past that has diminished your credibility? What steps can you take to increase your credibility?

6. A third point is we need to meet people’s needs. Who is currently in your sphere of influence that you can help with one small act?

7. Lastly, we can’t be afraid of the small stuff. Discuss our reluctance to take on the seemingly significant? Is it due to pride, fear of people’s perception of us, or something else?

Scripture verses:

Hebrews 12:1
2 Kings 5:1-3
2 Corinthians 12:9
2 Kings 5:15-17