Kingdom Come Week 4 – Discussion Questions


Flags represent our allegiance. How you live your life in this world is your flag. Your life should represent your allegiance to the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom is at hand; the time to act on your allegiance is now.


Do you have a flag flying outside of your home or business? If so what is it?


It’s easy for people to be confused by the flags that represent our life. Our actions sometimes contradict what we say we believe. There is a cost to our allegiance to Christ. It is not the cost of our life like in many countries. It is the cost of self-sovereignty. It is the duty to seek God and his kingdom first. It is to behave in a way that adds others to the kingdom. The freedom of the kingdom is at hand. The time is now! Quit waiting for the kingdom to come to live everlasting life, because the kingdom already came!


Read Mark 9:43-47 and Matthew 10:34.
1. How can you relate this scripture to your own life? Is there a time when you felt like doing something for God but were held back by fear, embarrassment, or other priorities? Have you ever had to “cut” something out of your life in order to keep from stumbling?

Read Matthew 13:1-9.
2. We plant seeds, so God Can plant flags. Explain this.

Read Ezekiel 37:9-14.
3. What wind should be flying your flag?

Read Matthew 3:2.
4. When is the kingdom come?

Read Ephesians 2:10.
5. What good works does God have for you?
6. If your friend, neighbor or relative spent 8 hours a day for twenty years trying to solve a problem that you knew the answer to, would you give them the answer?

7. Does your life reflect the Kingdom Flag? Can you think of ways you could have a greater impact for the Kingdom? Can you think of something the group could do together to grow the Kingdom?


This sermon series is based on material in the book
Gospel of the Kingdom: Scriptural Studies in the Kingdom of God by George Eldon Ladd. You can purchase a copy at FP Resources.
1. Loving Christ and being bold in your faith comes at a cost. It won’t always be popular.
2. “The Kingdom of God is here but not with irresistible power. The Kingdom of God will not experience uniform success in this Age. Men can resist or refuse it by God’s design. God sends ambassadors to represent the Kingdom. We plant seeds, so God can plant Flags.” Ladd
It is our job to show people the love of Christ.
3. The Holy spirit is the holy wind that should be moving us. “Flags wave whichever way the wind blows. If we are not mindful, we will allow the wind of this age to influence us.” -Pastor Chris
4. Now. Repeatedly in this week’s sermon Pastor Chris reminded us that the kingdom is now.
5. The Bible says to know to do good and not to do it is a sin. Our good works are whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do that advances the Kingdom.
6. Remember the story Pastor Chris shared about the woman who received a well? She said “You mean to tell me the water I walked 8 hours a day for all my life was under my feet the whole time?”. The living water, The Kingdom Come, Jesus – an abundant life is under their feet. Share it with them. 
7. There are always areas where we can improve. We need to stop waiting on the “right moment”. We need to be nicer, more loving, more patient, and more gentle NOW. Perhaps if the group was interested they could serve with the refugees or at a local non-profit.