Kingdom Come Series Begins!


Hello FPC Family,

I am still in awe of all that God did as we wrapped up our series, The Goods, this past weekend! We were so blessed to see a mighty move of God at all of our locations as hundreds came asking for prayer and deliverance from their bondage. More tears were shed and more chains were removed than I have ever seen! Pray with me that all who asked will “jettison their junk” through the power of Jesus and stand strong and victorious over the deceptions thrown at them by the enemy. Let’s all give our flesh a knockout blow so that we will not be disqualified!

As we move forward into the summer months, I’m so excited about the new series, Kingdom Come, which begins this weekend, June 4-5. In this four-week series we will embark on a quest to discover the Kingdom of God and understand how to live a life that seeks His Kingdom above all else. In Matthew 6:33 Jesus tells us: “Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”  Thanks to the greatest sacrifice by our Lord and Savior, the Kingdom of God is available to everyone today in all its fullness, power, and promise!

Don’t miss any of these messages as we learn how God’s Kingdom is woven through, represented in, and advanced through the lives of all Christ followers. Wow! It’s going to be amazing! And please remember, with vacation time in full swing you can still worship with us on our Internet Campus wherever you are!

I pray for you every day and hope you and your family will make some wonderful memories as you spend extra time together during the next couple of months.

Love you!

Pastor Chris