Kids & the Worship Factor

Several years ago I remember reading a challenge in one of my devotionals.  The challenge was intriguing because it seemed deceivingly simple.
Pray for 1 minute (60 seconds) without using pronouns.  In other words,  pray for an entire minute without referencing myself.  
The challenge seemed simple enough so I thought I’d try it out.
“Heavenly Father, I love you…”
oops.  I just mentioned myself
Okay… so I tried again.  And again.  And again.  Eventually I was able to carefully talk to God without any references to me.
What’s the good of that exercise?
We can get stuck in a pattern of studying scripture, talking to God, and viewing God based upon how it impacts us.  Scripture is searched for help with the circumstances we are facing today.  Prayers are filled with detailed steps God can take to help us our of our current situation.
It’s a self-centered, self-serving pattern that decimates our ability to acknowledge God simply for Who He is.
God is not defined by our circumstances.  He’s not defined by our perception of Him.  He Is.  And that’s it.
He is Omniscient.  He is Immutable.  He is Sovereign.  He is Holy & Righteous.  The Creator of all things. True.  Faithful.  Merciful.  Gracious.  The list can go on and on and on.
He Is.
Worship is recognizing God for who He is & not what He does for us.  Acknowledging His attributes, His work & His glory is worship.  And teaching our kids these skills is critical to their spiritual & emotional development.  In fact!  If you want to avoid raising a self-absorbed child, teach them to give honor to a Power greater than themselves.
In fpKIDS…
We believe worship is one of the most important aspects of our weekly services.
We believe all eyes and hearts can be focused on Him.
And we believe kids can teach their peers to worship.
In fact, we have a unique opportunity for kids to learn more about worship and to take part in helping their friends engage in worship.  KidRave is designed for kids grades 1st – 3rd grade who love to move for God.  Is KidRave something your 1st thru 3rd grader would love to do?  Click here for more information about how to get involved.