Kenya Mission Trip Day 3

Today’s experience was an amazing one to say the least. We attended a local church in the Irgithathi area called the African Church of Kenya, ACK. The service was a life changing experience full of music, laughter, deep prayer, and thorough sermons on Isaiah and 2nd Timothy. Though we couldn’t understand the local language we enjoyed the sound of their native tongue and loved the thought and time that they put into the entire thing. The music was sung by the locals and consisted of songs about God and the amazing power and love that He shares with the world. Half way through the sermon everything was stopped for the auction of a chicken and a bag of beans. Those in the local community were thrilled to see such items up for grabs, but we were looking in awe as a chicken hung from the hands of the auctioneer. It was definitely something you wouldn’t see on a normal day in America.

Our group leader, pastor Kyle Wall, actually bought the chicken to much of our amazement, but kindly donated it back to the church stating,” I don’t think I can take this on the plane.” The sermon continued as if nothing had happened and afterwards Kyle gave a quick sermon and we concluded our service. The church they had was an amazing thing to see. Just a run down, tin shack with plastic chairs and cheap metal on the windows, but the great truth that made it so amazing was that it was a place of worship.

With faith you don’t need a fancy church and a huge audience. All you need is the gospel and the love in your heart for Jesus Christ. This trip keeps getting better and better with all the people I am meeting and all the members I came here with from Faith Promise.

 – Chase Perry